Careful, if you give someone your full attention you might be mistaken for a Luddite.


I'm a writer/video director/designer.


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Complete Silence



narrative short

written, produced, directed, shot, edited and animated by Christopher Arcella

cast: Amari Cheatom

script editor: Mike Uy

music: composed by Erik Satie and performed by George Peter Tingley

location: Arizona

resolution: HD


Complete Silence is a short derived from a feature length project in development entitled Deviations.


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music video

produced, directed, shot, animated and edited by Christopher Arcella

cast: Lance Thomas, Chelsea Yarbrough, Tyler Case

location: Arizona


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I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game



narrative short

written, produced, directed, shot and edited by Christopher Arcella

voiceover: Simon Sun

location: NYC

resolution: HD


Declan Hill, author of The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime: "A chilling and eerie portrait of the effects of match-fixing. Done superbly on a budget of pennies. One wonders and waits for Christopher's next work!"


Indie Lisboa Onda Curta Award
Wholphin DVD issue #12
Canal plus


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experimental short

directed, shot and edited by Christopher Arcella

location: Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC

resolution: SD


Jim Jarmusch: "With CRIME SCENE GREENPOINT, Christopher Arcella has crafted a mysteriously dramatic visual poem just from looking out his window (and down from his rooftop). Many have done less with much more!"


Scanners Video Festival by the Film Society of Lincoln Center


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