It's no longer science fiction once it happens.


I'm a writer/director/designer based in NYC and Arizona.

I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game



narrative short

written, produced, directed, shot and edited by Christopher Arcella

voiceover: Simon Sun

location: NYC


Declan Hill, author of The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime: "A chilling and eerie portrait of the effects of match-fixing. Done superbly on a budget of pennies. One wonders and waits for Christopher's next work!"


Indie Lisboa Onda Curta Award
Wholphin DVD issue #12
Canal plus


view the camera housing built for this short


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written, produced, directed, shot and edited by Christopher Arcella

voiceover: Lance Thomas

cast: Lance Thomas, William Colligen

music: Dipped in Ecstasy by FLAUNT (MNDR Remix)

location: Arizona


This one minute short was created as a prologue to a music video.


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Hey Yah Hey



music video

produced, directed, shot, animated and edited by Christopher Arcella

music: Japan Soul

cast: Flaminia Vincenti, Ismaera, Kimson

handwriting: Raylene Gorum

location: Paris, NYC


winner on MTV's The Freshmen


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experimental short

directed, shot and edited by Christopher Arcella

location: Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC


Jim Jarmusch: "With CRIME SCENE GREENPOINT, Christopher Arcella has crafted a mysteriously dramatic visual poem just from looking out his window (and down from his rooftop). Many have done less with much more!"


Scanners Video Festival by the Film Society of Lincoln Center


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written and designed by Christopher Arcella

edited by Mike Uy

based on a story by Christopher Arcella and Mike Uy

dystopian science fiction

edition 1.2


the novel is available on Amazon in DRM-free digital format


a pdf sampler is also available for preview


In a world where citizens have willingly waived any right to digital privacy, circuited interactive contact lenses have become the standard mobile device. The Connect-Lens, as it’s called, gives the watchful eye of corporate governance a clear view into every personal detail of an entire society.


Those observed straying from the route of the model citizen face steep fines and social isolation to herd them back towards what is known as the People’s Path. A young surveillance technician named Fio avidly supports and evangelizes this system until the day he is placed under suspicion for a crime he didn’t commit. The charges against him aren’t based on his own actions, but statistically probable guilt. His struggles to escape the consequences of his own data trail weave a cautionary tale that could soon be a scenario in our own hyper-connected world.


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